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Label Printing

It is Contact manegment software by this you can create a group of details and add contacts in particular group along with send mail, sms to group or particular person. The main object of this is print labels group or person wise and manage the database. It is not the end, by this you can import details from excel sheet but format must be name, company name, contact number, email, address, group wise. It is most useful software in any type of company because each company usually follows correspond transaction for delivering products, letters etc.

Like that for these type transactions you may be need labels name and address wise at that time it will assist you in good manner.


  • After getting login you will get home page which will welcome you. There are different types of tabs available at home page including home tab.

Add Group

  • this tab you can manage all group like you can add, delete, edit groups as well as you can verify all groups. Appearance of Add Group

Add Contact

  • You can add contacts in particular group. Appearance of this page

Contact Detail

  • When you click on contact details tab then a window will open by this you can print-label name or group or serial number wise

Change password

  • By using this tab you can change the login password. For changing password you will have to follow a small process. After clicking on this tab you will see a window which will contain old password, new password, confirm password, submit and reset. In old password, new password bar you will insert old and new password respectively


  • This tab you can send mail to all recorded persons or a particular group persons or a particular person. It’s not necessary, you can send mail only to all recorded persons and particular group persons you can select person for sending mail from group person list which will appear when you will click on radio button of particular group after clicking on selected radio circle and all recorded persons list which will appear just click on radio circle of selected option.


  • Using this feature you can retrieve records from excel sheet but file format must be name, company name, contact number, email, address, group wise

Bulk Sms

  • Using this tab you can send sms or voice sms to particular group or all records or group wise selected records along with unrecorded persons

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